Jude Collins

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Will the demi-gods swing it for Fermanagh?

As the demi-gods prepare to swoop amongst us from the skies, this excerpt from a letter in today’s Irish Times:

In the longer term, the summit will bring worldwide attention to this beautiful corner of north west Ireland and will undoubtedly lead to it becoming an ever more popular international tourism destination.”

Now where have I heard that argument before? Ah yes, when the Queen of England descended among the lucky people of the south of Ireland, charming them into even further trouser-wetting admiration when she used a few words of Irish. A central argument used against the nay-sayers at the time was that her visit would give an enormous boost to tourism. Which sounded like a good argument until the figures came in and showed that fewer people from Britain visited the south in the wake of QE2’s visit.

So whither Fermanagh?  Search me. (Which of course is what the small army of security will be doing down there to anyone who comes within miles of the demi-gods.)  Maybe Americans will look at Obama with a backdrop of Fermanagh and cry out “I will, I must visit this amazing place chosen by President Obama!  If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me”.  It could happen. On the other hand the weather plays a big part in these things. The BBC’s Newsline 630 yesterday had their anchorwoman Donna down there and despite her best efforts, it looked awful. Rain soaking everything, including the camera lens; Donna’s hair going all damp and limp; and the lakes, no doubt stunning on a good day, looking grey and choppy and decidedly uninviting. 

My money’s on the demi-gods’ visit making no difference to tourism. What’s yours on?


  1. Was it Obomber who chose, or, was British Hegemony over the six counties the deciding factor? Either way I hope the parcel of rogues leave no stain on beautiful Fermanagh.

    The Irish mainstream media as usual played their part in spinning the Queen of England to the Irish sheeple. RTE were particularly sychophantic & nauseating.

    Noticed on the news that a couple in Coalisland accepted gongs from TQOE. SAD.

    Good article Jude. KUTGW (keep up the good work). D

  2. Anonymous 11 38
    What's your view on Martin Mc Guinness meeting the Queen of England ? Is there a law against anyone in Coalisland accepting an award from the Queen?By newspaper accounts they seem to have done a lot of good community work.

  3. Anon 17.06,
    I think that MMG meeting TQOE was a gesture towards the unionist part of the community & should be seen as such.MMG would not have gained personally from the encounter.
    In general terms re the gongs I like many others have problems with the awarding of gongs for a number of reasons-
    1. If people are carrying out charity work, community work, or Police work, they are mainly paid to do so.Those that don't get paid usually get personal satisfaction & other non monetary benefits. Generally they don't set out for personal reward.
    2.The awarding of a gong can open doors, help careers in a nudge nudge way & therefore be of personal benefit for the recipient.
    3. If you set out to do community work & then accept a personal award then you are accepting personal gain.

    Many great people have done great deeds & are the true unsung heroes who have never sought anything for their deeds.
    Many great people have declined gongs for a variety of reasons, & they are also the unsung heroes.

    Its not a legal debate. Its a moral one.

    Why should the Establishment award gongs? Perhaps to maintain their rotten hierarchical system.

    It would be interesting to get some feedback from Coalisland as to whether or not the community gong has impressed/depressed anyone.

    I could elaborate further but I suspect it would be in vain. D