Jude Collins

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Chewing the SPAD rag with Malachi on Nolan


  1. I don’t see the NI Assembly as a coalition of separate parties. IMHO it’s a Governmental Intelligence Agency.

    It operated in unison on all issues since inception; we only see strife at key times.

    Was this move a political calculation from Whitehall or Tory Clubland, served by Jim and Alistair using Ann Travers as unwitting cover?

    I wish I knew if Sinn Fein writ large had planned any structural changes in the coming twelve months, it might tell us why this is happening now?

    Was Martin’s Sinn Fein facing internal pressure to insert an observer from another faction of Sinn Fein into OFM // DFM?

    Would that have spoiled some economic side deal?

    If yes, then this bill would stop that insertion without him having to say no, sidestepping internal party processes. Might not be that of course.

    In a climate where all phones are tapped, all communications monitored, with agents in all parties, every political move is a manipulation by the Security apparatus. Spooks and their agents are the largest political organization with the best communications and funding. The NATO term for this manipulation is CIMIC.

    The parties seek to maintain the illusion that horizontal and vertical collaboration and collusion doesn't happen, it does. This will disguise some deeper political move to maintain the OFM // DFM as a closed shop. The side benefit to create the idea that big ideological struggles are still fought in Stormont.

  2. Sinn Fein not got forward one private members Bill in relation to either victims or state collusion in the fourteen years the assembly has been running . What does that say about their commitment on these issues?

  3. Have to give that one to Malachi.

  4. To anon above, you would say that Malachi.