Jude Collins

Monday, 17 June 2013

Talking to Nicky Campbell about G8

Take the best, ignore the rest....I'm at 11.45 -14.33, 17.52- 21.00, 28.50-30.50 BBC Radio 5 live - 5 live Breakfast, Your Call, 17/06/2013 http://bbc.in/1bGS3Te 


  1. Jude
    You commented that tourism from Britain decreased following the Queen's visit.
    Here are the overall figures for tourism:
    2010: 6037 thousand visits,
    2011: 6505 thousand visits,
    2012: 6515 thousand visits.
    Of course the figures prove nothing specific relating to the Queen's visit,just as they would prove nothing if they had shown a decrease.
    I feel you should stop banging that particular drum unless you have something to back it up.
    I agree with you about drones though. If the figures are accurate, they are appalling.

  2. Gio - thanks for your advice but I'll continue to bang any drum I choose, especially if it appears relevant. Fact is G8 has been sold as a great tourism booster, as was QE2's visit. As this article shows, while Europe and the US show a slight rise, tourism from Britain fell in the year following QE2's visit.
    If you were passed a dud tenner, would you not examine the next one you got quite carefully?

  3. Jude
    By all means, have at it. But you choose to ignore the facts that don't fit your ideology.
    Overall tourism increased, and by applying your spurious logic, that must be because of the QE2 visit.
    Or is it just possible that the rise or fall in tourist visits may be a little more complex than that?