Jude Collins

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Recession? Time we invaded somewhere

I have a soft spot for British soldiers, the ordinary guy on the ground. He’s probably joined the army for the same reason that men have done for hundreds of years – because it was a way to earn a living, even though earning that living meant  being taught how to take the life of other human beings. That’s what soldiers do – follow orders to kill or be killed.

At the moment,  the British Chancellor of the Exchequer is being criticized by other MPs for trying to freeze the pay of British soldiers. Which makes you wonder what sort of world those arguing for an increase in armed forces pay live in. Because you reveal your values as a society by where you put your money.

And it’s not small money. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Britain  in 2010 spent nearly $60 billion on ‘defence’.  In 2011 Liam Fox, the British Defence secretary, said the price of constructing replacement nuclear submarines could rise to more than £25 billion. Greenpeace figures the renewed Trident programme will cost, over 30 years, £92 billion. Contrast that with the NHS, which is being told to make “efficiency savings” – code for cuts – of £20 billion.

It all ties into the arms industry, of course. With the ending of the Cold War, weapons manufacturers and share holders were in a sweat – they needed something to replace the gap  left by the implosion of the USSR. Hence  Iraq, Afghanistan and now phony claims that Iran is manufacturing nuclear weapons and may need an invasion.

Of course, many of us remember another British prime minister, who knew what you do when you find that things are falling apart a bit at home – giant unemployment, industry collapsing, the government increasingly unpopular. You invent a foreign adventure to distract the masses.  You invent the Falklands.

Iran is today’s Falklands. We know that country hasn’t actually any plans to develop nuclear weapons and we know that it’s surrounded by countries with nuclear weapons and US bases – Israel, Russia, Pakistan, India. We know Iran hasn’t invaded anyone this past 200 years and we know that for over 100 years Britain exploited, occupied and overthrew governments in Iran. But none of that matters. Look out, Iran. 


  1. Mad as a box of frogs Jude you really are,you do make me smile though with your left wing nuttiness

    So Britain manufactured the decision of general galteri to invade the falklands and the world should have no fear of the crazy regime of Iran who stated they wanted to wipe Israel of the face of the earth

    The left wing is actually crazier than I first thought..just disregarding facts to back up nonsense ideas

    Wise up Jude please

  2. How did Thatcher 'invent' the Falklands?
    This is third-rate stuff Jude, very weak and predictable commentary.

  3. Anon 11:32 - I've never measured the IQ of a box of frogs so I don't know if you're complimenting or insulting me. I do know that there is no evidence of Iran building nuclear weapons, any more than Iraq had WMD. As for the Falklands - you think Thatcher sent the fleet because her heart was touched by the few thousand British citizens on it? Odd contrast to Hong Kong, methinks. But thanks for your thoughts and remember, next time, less - in fact, no - name-calling and more rational argument. OK?

  4. Jude
    Anonymous said you were as mad as a box of frogs, not as stupid as a box of frogs. IQ and madness are not related.
    Yes I am a pedant.

  5. Ah Jude don't be so sensitive....anyway I'm not letting you off the hook on this one with the assertion that thatcher invented the falklands,what does that mean....you know full well that Argentina invaded the falkland islands where the citizens where very happy living their lives as British citizens....thatcher responded the only way she should when an aggressive nation invades another

    Or are you actually suggesting that the nasty Brits manufactured the whole thing?

    As for Iran... Obviously you will side with them because they hate the west and your bête noir israel but are you really suggesting they are a credible regime with no awkward questions to answer regarding trying to develop a nuclear bomb...a Islamic based theocracy based on the teachings of a few crazy clerics....a lovely place for sure

  6. Jude

    Slow news day? I know, wheel out some anti-british, even better, some anti-british military rhetoric. Suppose its a bit like when I look out my window and see my idiot neighbours I curse them, mainly because its raining.. anyway.

    Iran-Iraq war, i'm pretty sure that at one point the iranians were on iraqi soil.

    Invented the Falklands, pretty sure the people there werent just invented and didnt just decide they wanted to remain british (the whole island population) just because thatcher was having a bad day.

    Further more there is no way on Gods earth we are going to go have a war in Iran. It'd be political suicide.

    I have no doubt that they want a Nuke or more, it is a game changer in the middle east, Israel have 200+ nukes, they have US support and are just itching to ethnically cleanse the whole area.. ever say anything to them and its anti-semitism... win win.. anyway.. as crazy as those muslims are, they're not stupid. One nuke in Jerusalem = 200+ in Iran.. stone age, as much as they are keen to convert the young into suicide bombers they're not wanting to meet the big man just yet..

    Yes they'll provoke and get on, they'll have israel do a strike on them, they'll get into a ground war and drag the US in with them.. But considering the volume of oil that goes down the arabian gulf in big vunerable tankers, a few guys laying mines in speedboats will cause the price of oil to hit $200-300 over night, good bye capitalism, hello global depression.

    You and I know who controls the Western governments, its not people, its corporations and lobbyists.. they wont want their profits hit... there will not be a war.


  7. gio - on the money. Madness I accept.
    Anon 14:13 - I wouldn't know sensitivity if it jumped up and clamped its teeth on my softer parts. I was speaking metaphorically in my Thatcher inventing the Malvinas reference - before she sent the fleet 99 people out of 100 wouldn't have known where it was. She 'invented' this terrible assault on these British citizens living thousands of miles from, um, Britain. She used it in the classic way - foreign war diverts population from home affairs. She was on her way to losing an election and then - shazam! Free with one bound. Israel is my bete noir? News to me but I'll take your word for it. Mind you, I'm not sure I think they're always really really nice to those Palestinians, but hey, let's forget them, what? I didn't say Iran didn't have questions to answer (I think you mean by that that they're an imperfect regime), I said they didn't have WMD. Read the blog, please.
    Ryan29 - slow news day? Sure thing - why do you think I'd spend time answering you guys if it wasn't? Anyway, be nice to your neighbours and use an umbrella. Re Iran invading Iraq (read the blog, please) - try again. Re Thatcher and the Brits who live off-shore Argentina - see comments to Anon above. Re the war - I hope you're right. My info came from the House of Lords so I assumed it was ...I nearly said kosher but you know what I mean.

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, guys - always welcome. Can't always promise to respond, though - this thing called Life calls to me from time to time. Keep the faith.

  8. Israel secretly provided arms and supplies to Argentina during the Falklands conflict, according to revelations in a new book. 

    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin had such a deep-rooted hatred of the British that the Jewish state covertly became the biggest supplier of military equipment to the Argentine military junta.

    Gas masks, radar alert systems, air-to-air missiles and fuel tanks for fighter bombers were sent from Tel Aviv to arm General Galtieri’s forces. The most audacious deal involved supplying 23 French-built fighter aircraft – Mirage IIICs – which were camouflaged with the insignia of Peru. But they arrived after the war was Over.

  9. Great piece as always Jude , i suggest you take a duke at the Terry Jones'S article in todays INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE,also, do the Falkland islanders call britain the "mainland" or does that only stretch sw as far as ormeau avenue.?

  10. At the time there were two tottering governments - Thatcher's and Galtieri's. The war meant survival for at least one of them, so they played poker. So much for history!
    As for Iran, it's on Russia's border and a long way from USA. So who should be worried? Just wait until Mexico wants nuclear weapons and Russia gets involved! Just remember 1963, Cuba. Now there was a real crisis.

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