Jude Collins

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Next, please

OK, that's enough about the Robinsons, it's getting a bit boring now, they're moving away from the sex and towards the tedious money stuff. Let's get back to what we do best - slamming the Shinners. The Irish News is view-hallooing as it continues its search for Arthur Morgan, the SF TD for Louth - or 'The Morgan', as it calls him for some reason. Clearly if he doesn't want to talk to the Irish News, there's something wrong with him or he's trying to hide something. And yet again there's a nice juxtapositioning of Gerry Adams alongside his brother Liam. It's beginning to get a bit like the 'Obama, Osama - spot the difference!' posters the right-wing used in the US presidential election. On BBC Radio 4, Suzanne Breen was on explaining that Gerry Adams wasn't to blame for his brother's 'alleged paedophilia' (I'll bet that's a relief to him) but that he was to blame for...did she say meeting him and being at a wedding with him, or did I mishear? And isn't that carrying the conjunction of accusation + guilt just a little far? If your brother was alleged to have stolen money or beaten someone up or even killed someone, would you cut off all ties with him? I'd have thought that's the very time you should rally to him. And except you were very dim, you wouldn't mix that up with saying you were all for the crime of which he was accused. I wonder do they teach logic as part of these post-graduate diplomas in journalism? Or even ethics? You get the feeling there might be a gap in the market for same.

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