Jude Collins

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Community confidence vs Damascene conversion

Isn’t it wonderful how the prospect of imminent political death concentrates the mind? There we were for the last nine months, being told that the transfer of policing and justice wouldn’t be possible until there was sufficient ‘confidence in the community’. Now, with the DUP facing possible power-sharing collapse, and elections to both Stormont and Westminster closing in like a blinding, bone-freezing snow-storm, it’s all-change. Well, not all – unreconstructed Yahoos like Gregory Campbell and Maurice Morrow still want to make transfer a lifetime or two in the future. But the rest – Sammy Wilson, Arlene Foster – by gum, they’ve got impressively business-like all of a sudden. The only question now is, will p and j devolution happen inside a couple of days or inside a couple of weeks? But don't look for mea culpas, DUPers beating their breasts (yes, Virginia, DUPers DO have breasts – ask young Cap’n Kirk) or admitting that talk about community confidence was backwoods masquerading as balanced. Ask yourself - is the confidence of the community (i.e, unionist community – taigs don’t count here)in the DUP's ability to run the ship and keep the natives under control likely to be stronger or weaker, now that they've heard the tale of the dark-haired lady and the butcher's son? Or ask Jim Allister.

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