Jude Collins

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Normal service etc

Apologies if you've recently posted a comment that doesn't show. There's some glitch in the system which I'm hoping will be repaired swiftly.  Meanwhile, take out your 2-minute packet of popcorn, settle back in your two-minute seat and have a good laugh/nod approvingly/ shout obscenities at the clip below...


  1. Not to be blowing smoke up your ass, but definitely the most sensible of the NI mini series of 4thought - it had to be said and the myth dispelled ...was it put out on the Friday one? The traditional day to dump bad news into the media as a lot less people watch the news at the weekend... :)

  2. Jude
    Who is that eminently sensible and reasonable fellow?
    He looks a bit like you, only not quite as handsome.