Jude Collins

Friday, 11 January 2013

Shared future or unionist huddle?

Well, Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt may believe in a shared future but they definitely don’t believe in a shared forum. That’s strictly unionist - no taigs need apply. Which is odd, really, because you'd think that violence in response to a democratic decision should be the concern of everyone. If you’re an inner-city trader or restaurateur,  it doesn’t matter whether you’re unionist or republican - you still lose. Businesses go bust on a purely non-sectarian basis. 

Of course Mike Nesbitt has explained why the unionist forum had to be for unionists only: it’s so unionism can get its act together. Once that’s achieved, what used to be referred as ‘the minority’ (to wit, nationalists/republicans) can become involved. Which makes one thing clear: that Mike is more concerned with the state of unionism than he is with the state of Belfast.

What did the unionist forum discuss?  I’ve no idea. But I’ll bet £100  that no plans were made to explain to the flag protestors that actually Belfast is overflowing with unionist symbols and iconography - the streets, the bridges, the buildings again and again cry out “We are British!”.  The creation and carrying out of such plans would have been indeed worthwhile.  If all they  did yesterday was go into a unionist huddle to work out wheezes that’ll please the flag protestors, Peter Robinson can kiss a shared future (and Catholics voting for the DUP) goodbye. The First Minister crowing that it was “the most representative group in the unionist community to meet in half a century” says it all.   


  1. Marcas Ó Cathasiagh11 January 2013 at 12:51

    It was interesting to hear a loyalist community representative on today's Frank Mitchell Phone-in on U105 saying that this so-called Unionist Forum is utterly alien to him as it in no way represents what is truly going on in loyalist communities (no change there, then). He said he sent two e-mails to Peter Robinson requesting a meeting to talk about real issues and is yet to recieve a reply. His most telling statement was, to paraphrase: 'I don't belong on that Unionist Forum, because even though I am a Unionist, I am not a bigot.'

  2. Both Robbo and Nesbitt are effectively admitting with this huddle that their parties are giving up any pretension at Stormont of engaging with the nationalist parties, and they're simply turning up under protest and to collect their fat wage packets. It's the only conclusion to be drawn.[daniel moran]

    1. I'm not so sure. It's true this is a problem that affects all of us but it is a problem only Unionists can solve.
      Yes all parties could get together and maybe hammer out a resolution to the flag issue.
      But the problem I am talking about is why loyalists are out on the streets creating havoc, destroying their own community over an issue that in no way diminishes their British identity. Why is that their solution?
      That is a problem only the unionist/loyalist community can solve

    2. Giotto,
      We are all grains of sand. In our situation it is flegs which have been imposed by others in order to divide us.If we can only think of the big picture, i.e planet earth & all that bullshit?????? Or else just send these pawn rioters to a third world country for an experiment? D

    3. Anon
      You probably shouldn't post so late at night, when you are clearly tired and emotional!

  3. It seems that they are again merely giving their community false hope for something that they can't deliver and has the DUP already done the Judas on the PUP and went with a legal plan just like theirs?

  4. "the most representative group in the unionist community to meet in half a century" - what utter bullshit.

    I can put £200(!) on it that they do not represent my views. Me being a 'unionist', but not a short sighted bigot. Having read the press release from Alliance (http://allianceparty.org/article/2013/006960/frequently-asked-questions-about-the-recent-vote-on-the-union-flag-at-belfast-city-council) I find myself wholly agreeing with them.. I guess if they arent considered unionist then neither am I.

    And yet they will fail to address the issues of the loyalist working class.
    It is not going to be long before the loyalist working class have more reason to vote for Sinn Fein than the unionist parties.

    Seems that Mike is also just another tom Eliott.

  5. Giotto
    If you can't understand why protestants are out "destroying their own community" then you should seriously consider expanding your mind either by travel, reading or taking up a worthwhile course. "Destroying their own community" is a bit rich. I would suggest breaking the law on a daily basis, trying to terrorise the rest of society & refusing to face reality. Your input betrays your mentality. Don't shoot the messenger etc. D

    1. Anon
      Assuming Giotto is me.
      I simply found your first post hard to follow, what with the grains of sand and on planet earth stuff. Too deep for me.
      I did mention creating havoc, which encapsulates the law-breaking you mention. Do you think I am defending them in some way?
      What mentality have you cleverly detected from my input?

  6. Giotto,
    My post re Grains of sand etc is juxtapositioning real issues facing each & every one of us against the "flegs" issue. Noone can articulate what the PUL community want. Thay don't seem to be lacking in money, time, food, clothing or any other necessity. By using terms like havoc you are downplaying the reality. Havoc can be something caused by clowns at a circus (there are plenty of loyalist clowns but thats for another day). Your mentality I suggest is on a par with one Jamie Bryson going by your previous posts. For a more detailed diagnosis I would have to bill you unfortunately. D

  7. Anon
    Again,assuming giotto is me,
    Firstly I'm hurt that you lump me in with Jamie Bryson, a young man whose views are roughly the opposite of mine.
    In your earlier post you express surprise that I "can't understand why protestants are out destroying their own community" and then you say "no-one can articulate what the PUL community want"
    Which is it?

  8. Giotto,
    Its because of the elephant in the room. By that I mean the PSNI are letting them get away with it. That's why they are out destroying their own community. A good start would be to Kettle the lot of them this saturday at the city hall & charge every one of them. It works wonders in other parts of the world. D