Jude Collins

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Masked men/women and misplaced loyalties

Cheesh. There are some mornings when I don't know where to begin. My good friend gio has decided to maintain his mask of anonymity while insisting that I must, sans mask, deliver hmy opinion on physical violence. Another poster-boy/girl tells me I must now write about the Catholic Church. Re anonymity : to say it happens on other sites simply avoids the point. If you're afraid to give your name after you've waxed eloquent on a topic, then you're afraid to give your name. As to  writing about the Catholic Church, here's something that'll come as  a blow I'm sure to poster b/g: I  decide what I write. Not my granny, not the man next door and certainly not you. If I feel like picking a topic, I do; if I don't, I don't. Crushing news, I know, but there you are.

Meanwhile, the BBC has discovered Michel Conlan. He's from Northern Ireland - did you know that? He won his fight in the Olympics yesterday and now he's joined some other Northern Ireland contestants as medal winners. If you were from Outer Mongolia, you'd assume there was a team called Northern Ireland in the Games and that Conlan was one of them. Uh-uh. Conlan fights for Ireland, not Northern Ireland. That's why his supporters were seen waving tricolours. Just as those who were competing for Britain were seen waving union flags. It really is sort of sad to see commentators  pretend there isn't a division of loyalties in this corner of the island. In fact, given the attention to Irish competitors south of the border on the BBC until now, you'd have thought the entire region was 100% behind ever British competitor.

That's not to say the Brits haven't done well - they've been outstanding and I salute their victories, every one. But please, don't let's have any BBC commentator imply that they're somehow my victories.


  1. My,we are prickly this morning.Somebody clearly got out of the wrong side of the bed today!Can I quote from your blog of the 3rd August---"That's why our education system--and our churches(note churches)--need a radical overhaul" I subsequently suggested thar you might elaborate on both topics.You did so -on education- yesterday .I merely mentioned that you might next move on to the churches(note churches).I did not tell you that you must write about the Catholic Church.Nobody demands that you write about any particular topic.Its your blog space.I think you are taking false umbrage.Following your comments on anonymity ,can it be assumed that in future you will not publish any comments with the Anonymous tag?

  2. Jude
    Where to start indeed.
    First I did not insist you do anything. You posted a piece on your blog, which I read and commented on (eloquently apparently). I asked you a question relating to the opinion piece.
    I can only apologise for such an outrageous faux pas.
    It is up to you if you want to answer questions or not, but the anonymity of the the questioner is a poor reason not to.
    In the absence of an answer people will draw their own conclusions.
    I suspect that you know in your heart Jude that the IRA campaign was unjustified, but as a loyal Sinn Fein supporter, you cannot admit this. Hence the vague generalised reply.
    I would be quite happy if you prove me wrong.
    Now if I sign off as Martin or Ian would it make the least bit of difference?