Jude Collins

Saturday, 16 November 2013

David Cameron: withering on war crimes. Well, some anyway...

Here’s David Cameron:

"The information in that book is completely chilling. It's an appalling set of allegations and of course these allegations have been backed up by the work of the journalist Anne Cadwallader who has had them verified. There are legitimate accusations of war crimes that need to be properly investigated. That is actually what the British government itself found … but it hasn't effectively answered them. They need to be answered."

Well actually not quite David Cameron. The British prime minister is talking about Sri Lanka, it’s not ‘information in that book’ but ‘images in that film’, and it’s not ‘the journalist Anne Cadwallader’ but ‘The UN special rapporteur’. And finally  it’s not ‘the British government’ (are you kidding?) - it’s ‘the Sri Lankan government’. 

All the rest, though, is straight from the horse’s mouth. Dear David is a bit like our own Michael D -  big on the need to condemn horrors as long as they’re far from home. So why would he be so incensed about events thousands of miles away and tight-lipped about similar stuff happening here? Because he might have to do something about the stuff nearer home, that’s why.

But listen, David. Don’t worry. If Blair got off with saying he was sorry for the Irish Famine /An Gorta Mor,  you could probably pull a similar trick with the 120 cases listed in Cadwallader’s book. I mean, you worked it with Bloody Sunday victims so why not with the Murder Triangle people? At the same time I really really really hope you don’t. Get off with it, I mean. If the Sri Lankan government is a horror-show for involvement in the killing of its own citizens, your government should be getting it in the neck too, old boy.  


  1. I suppose it stands to reason when you consider which of the european colonisers had the largest empire on the planet, over the centuries was Britain. They didn't amass that by buying up real estate. No, it was by being easily the greatest lot of murderers and thieves on the planet. But then Cameron would probably tell you all that empire building was not representative of the behaviour of British armed forces at home and abroad. Oh! no. Heaven porfend they could be accused of that. Butter wouldn't melt.[madraj55]

  2. Why the sniping at Michael D?Can you not get over the fact that he rather than Martin was elected President!

    1. Sniping? That's a very loaded word Anon. Do I wish M McG were President rather than Michael D? Most definitely. But that's got nothing to do with the point I made, which is that he's pretty hot on injustice which is at a distance but seems less concerned with such things as his fellow-countrymen this side of the border. The other thing is....how can I say this...he, um, embarrasses me a little bit. As a baldy myself I shouldn't be throwing stones, I know, but he does look a little...odd. And I strongly suspect he's wearing corsets. Purely for medical reasons I'm sure. But it's so much more impressive when a leader looks like one. Say, Edwin Poots. Or Nelson McCausland. That kind of thing.

    2. Would Sean T O'Kelly as another vertically challenged President have fitted the bill?Suppose that was a different era.At least Michael D is fluent in Irish which is more than can be said for most of the candidates in the last Presidential election!

  3. What does Martin, from the very far right of Sinn Fein have to offer, that other previously republican parties don’t?

    He should take that hedge fund board job and knighthood and vanish into obscurity like other retired vassals. After all one jack boot on the throat of the poor is much like the other.

  4. I note President Higgins is to make a State visit to the U K next April.I'm sure you'll wish him all the best!!