Jude Collins

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nice one, Eamo...

There are people who’ll tell you it’s impossible to ride two horses at once.  They haven’t talked to Eamon Gilmore, obviously.  Shortly before the Israeli killing of the leader of Hamas,  I got a call from presstv (google them). They wanted to know what I thought of the Irish government’s decision to push for the boycott of goods from the Jewish settlement areas in the Middle East. So I did a bit of research on it and discovered that much of it revolved around a lengthy letter written by Eamon Gilmore to the chair of the south’s Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Pat Breen. 

In it,  Eamon manages to make much of the possibility that the south will use its period of Presidency of the EU Council to push other member states to mount this boycott. So far so good. Except then Eamon says, in effect, there’s no point in trying to do it, because many of the other states won’t join in. 

See what he did there? Hopped one leg very nimbly onto a second horse. When I was asked on presstv what I thought of it, I made two points: (i) that Mr Gilmore and his Irish Labour Party colleagues have something of a reputation for getting agitated over injustice in other countries, the degree of their indignation often measured by its distance from Ireland and Ireland’s powerlessness to act; and (ii) that while it’d be nice to see Ireland lead the EU in a move to highlight some of the terrible deeds done by Israel to the Palestinian people,  it wasn’t exactly good strategy to start by saying you didn’t expect to get anywhere.  

I haven’t heard what Mr Gilmore has had to say about the recent killing of the Hamas leader and the brutal  bombing raids by the Israelis in recent days. Thank God. 


  1. What makes you think that the Irish Labour Party is unique in attempting to ride two horses at once?Most political parties do it at one time or another.Even your party of choice(Sinn Fein) has done it on more than one occasion!

  2. For a definitive view of what Isreali terrorists are up to go to http://www.powerofnarrative.blogspot.co.uk. As for anonymous 12.16; what purpose do you serve by bringing up an issue that is out of context when the discussion is about Genocide carried out on an ongoing basis with the support of the united states, britain & other western "civilised" countries? D

  3. Anonymous 20 17
    As I read Jude's blog, he was attempting to highlight Eamon Gilmore's hypocrisy in relation to the Isreali attack on Hamas.I don't consider that my comments were out of kilter with his article.I was also making the more general point on the duplicity of politicians of all parties over many years.I consider that I am entitled to comment as I see fit on Jude's blog and it is not up to you to dictate the content of what I say.

  4. Anonymous @23.35. Your first sentence echoes the mainstream media. Meaning, the articl by Jude refers to the "deeds done to the Palestinian people". Please read the article dated 15/11/12 & titled "Let us now speak plainly" on the web page I referred to in my earlier commment. I did not intend to dictate anything to anyone, but was making the point that your comment was a distraction in the context of Genocide. The article by Jude is to be commended in my humble opinion. Listening to RTE in the last few days referring to Hamas as "militants" makes one wonder how far the Irish people have been indoctrinated into thinking about world affairs in general.

  5. Anonymous 23 35
    It's hard to believe that we are commenting on the same blog!Obviously you will take out of it what you wish and it seems fairly clear your sympathies are with the Palestiinians.Given that Gilmore's name appears in every paragraph of Jude's,I felt his main emphasis was on the Labour leader and his general hypocrisy .In the overall scheme of things, I'd imagine our comments on a blog site will hardly impact much on the worldwide issues of genocide.

  6. Anonymous @ 13.38.
    We shall see what Gilmore does. I agree that all politicians should be held to account. As to whether or not our comments make any difference, go to http://www.prisonplanet.com/israel-recruits-army-of-bloggers-to-troll-anti-war-websites.html. The Israeli terrorists devote a lot of resources to counteracting those who are not prepared to remain silent in the face of Genocide. To anyone interested in finding out for themselves what is going on, go to http://www.medialens.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=706:gaza-blitz-turmoil-and-tragicomedy-at-the-bbc&catid=25:alerts-2012&Itemid=69. Thanks Jude & please keep up the good work. D

  7. If anonymous above is correct,you may brace yourself for a concerted cyber-attack from the Israeli counter intelligence corps!But as Cpl Jones used to say "Don't panic"!

  8. That's just, like, your opinion, man

  9. Anonymous 22.27. Great that you are having a laugh. Go to--http://sjlendman.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/targeting-civilians-israels-specialty.html--or even--http://bsnews.info/_Home1.html.. There is nothing funny about IDF terrorists.

  10. Anonymous 20.11
    I wasn't having a laugh at the Israeli/Hamas ongoing conflict which is too tragic to joke about.I was merely pointing out in an ironic fashion the ultimate logic of what you were previously asserting.You obviously have a serious fascination with the whole issue and can call up appropriate websites to back your beliefs.Can you state that Hamas is beyond reproach in this whole conflict?

    1. Anonymous 23.36.
      Your first sentence is straight from the mainstream media. The "Israel/Hamas ongoing conflict". Genocide against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state, backed primarily by USA & UK, is not an "ongoing conflict". Check out what percentage of land has been stolen by Israel since it's "formation". As for Hamas being beyond reproach or not is not the issue, as History will determine. I, am but a grain of sand.

  11. Anonymous 23 36
    Clearly your mind is already made up on the issue and no rational debate is possible.No doubt you have communicated your views to all the usual outlets and authorities.