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Monday, 15 October 2012

Enda Kenny is full of, um, surprises

It's strange, really. You think you know someone, then they go and do something that seems completely out of character. Take Enda Kenny, for example.  Did you know that he's in favour of a united Ireland?  It's not something he talks a lot about  but on his recent trip to the States he told guests at some big do or other that he believed re-unification would happen "one day". Sort of like "Somewhere over the rainbow" only different.  He further explained that "This will require a referendum to be approved in both countries, under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and is not likely to happen in the near future. The priority is keeping peace on the streets."

Mmm. So it's not going to happen tomorrow or in the near future, which probably doesn't rock you back on your heels; and it'll require a referendum, which you probably knew as well. But  "in both countries"? Odd sort of thing for a United Irelander to say. If you're a United Irelander ( or to be exact, Re-United Irelander), you'll surely consider the south a state, not a country. Likewise the north. In fact, even if you were a United Kingdomer, would you not think of the north as a state, not a country? 

As for 'peace on the streets' - presumably he's talking about the near-to-weekly drugs-related killings that occur, mainly in the Dublin area. Is he saying he's too busy chasing the drugs barons to have time for re-uniting Ireland right now? Because as I'm sure Enda knows, there have been about ten times as many drug-dealer killings than there have been dissident-republican killings over the past few years. 

 But there you are - that's Enda. Full of surprises, some political, some factual, more financial.

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  1. Monday, 15 October 2012

    Do you agree with Enda Kenny that a united Ireland is inevitable?

    Yes - I agree 45%
    No - I disagree 55%

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