Jude Collins

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What century is this, guys?

I've just come off the Nolan Show, where I was urged to get down to Belfast City Hall area and join in the Orange festivities, come together and all that. Since I'm in Sligo, I'd find that a bit difficult. Why am I in Sligo? Because it's the Twelfth, stoopid, and most non-Orangemen and women who can manage get the hell out of our little northeastern jurisdiction. Not because they're misguided, but because they know that at core, the Orange Order (i) is anti-Catholic; (ii) is triumphalist. Old Stephen was talking in terms of just enjoying the burgers and chips and ice-cream and all that. But you can only do that if you  ignore  why the Twelfth exists and who are at the heart of its celebration.

And it's not just the Twelfth. Two, three thousand marches a year! Ninety-nine per cent of which are accepted without demur by the nationalist population. The disputed ones like the Ardoyne? Sit down, guys, with the residents, would you? No preconditions, no preset mind-set. And come to an agreement with your neighbours. And when you've done that, have a long, hard look at the organisation that's doing the celebrating and  ask yourself: would we tolerate this if it were Catholics/Nationalists who were holding 2,000 parades each year celebrating victory over us? Or if the GAA said no Protestants, nobody married to a Protestant, no one who's been to a Protestant service may play Gaelic games?

Dear Mother of God - this is the twenty-first century. And we have this antediluvian attitude that declares Orangemen are the ones who are being hard done by. Jesus wept.

On a more cheery note (I think), it's my birthday today. Thanks to all who were kind enough to take the time to wish me the best. May your day be free of the sound of the flute.


  1. Michael McLaughlin12 July 2012 at 11:17

    Glasgow last week.Not just the six counties where this abhorrent behaviour exists. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02hqoUxEi5k

  2. Happy Birthday Jude,

    There is something very strategic in a victim hood mentality, it'll serve them well.

    It gives them excuses.

    If there was a bank holiday in the US to celebrate the KKK it wouldnt last. (i'm not against a bank holiday) but why must we be forced to suffer a bigoted minority?

    That said, didnt the GAA suggest that perhaps no security forces could play? And lets face it, naming your local club after a hunger striker is not really going to encourage cross community action is it...

  3. So is it a 69 year old corner boy now?!Hope you enjoy your birthday in Sligo.

  4. LOL, (Thats Laugh out Loud Jude, not the other one!)
    Happy Birthday! :-) I've done a related post on my site http://bangordub.wordpress.com/
    wondering what would happen if the OO went on Dragons Den.
    Anyhow, good post, it cheered me up!

  5. I think people need to start talking with their feet, where they know an orange man has a business they should boycott that business. Especially in small country places like Crumlin etc where orange men have small businesses and people know them then they should boycott that business. The orange men don't mind offending their Catholic neighbours/customers so the Catholic neighbours/customers shouldn't mind boycotting the orange neighbour/businessman. Might be a wee bit harder in the cities like Belfast or Derry but where its known it should be made known and people can choose to act accordingly.

  6. Happy Birthday Jude.

  7. In answer to the question you pose in your title, I think the 17th Century if that wee video that's doing the rounds is anything to go by.
    Absolutely shameful behaviour.

  8. http://theministerspen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/nuala-mckeever-and-orange-order.html?m=1

  9. http://www.thedetail.tv/issues/101/nelson-mccausland/what-really-went-on-inside-dsd-when-dup-demanded-religious-breakdown-of-housing-executive-staff