Jude Collins

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cardinal Sean Brady, null points

I’ve never met Cardinal Sean Brady but he seems a nice man. They say he was a handy Gaelic footballer in his day, which also suggests a core of quality. But his declared intention to attend the wedding of Wills and Katie make me want to weep for the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

I have no objection to the hierarchy pronouncing on moral matters. In fact that’s their job. Cardinal Keith O’Brien gave a commendable example the other day when he urged the scrapping of British nuclear weapons and an end to the ghastly arms trade from which Britain makes so much money. I could query why he didn’t make such a declaration the day he became a cardinal but I won’t. Cardinal Brady himself took a Christian position when last month he denounced the killing of Ronan Kerr. I could query why he and other Irish cardinals didn’t make such a denunciation against ALL violence, including state violence against Irish people, but I won’t.

What I do object to is the leading clergyman in Ireland trying to influence Irish people on a political matter. Wills’s and Katie’s wedding isn’t political? Right, and the Pope's a Muslim. Wills is being groomed to be the British Head of State. The British Head of State, Wills’s grandma, will make a state visit to Ireland next month, a visit clearly intended to tell us there’s nothing left for our two countries to disagree on. No, I wouldn’t be for stopping the cardinal going to weddings. I hate weddings but maybe he likes them. What I would be for stopping him doing, if I possibly could, would be making a blatantly political gesture like this one. There’s also an implicit arrogance in the belief that the Irish people will be influenced by his gesture.

In God’s name I hope they’re not.


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  2. news.scotsman.com/uk/PM-allow-Catholics-to-ascend.6754812.jp

    David Cameron wants to rip up the Act of Settlement of 1701. Which bans Roman Catholics from the English Throne. Maybe Mr Salmond of the SNP can go one better and offer the people of Scotland a Republic.

  3. Mea culpa, Anon, and thanks for pointing out my error. I have amended - hope you don't mind my removing your comment.

  4. Who says he is trying to influence Irish people on a political matter.Surely we are all mature enough to make up our own minds on such issues now and dont wait on the Catholic hierarchy to pronounce.I would have thought by this stage , a little of the arrogance would have been knocked out of the Irish bishops.

  5. I'd have thought the same, Anon. Who says he's trying to influence Irish people on political matters? I do. And as I say, I do hope Irish people ignore him.

  6. Nationalism on the rise in Scotland if a recent opinion poll is correct. Mr Salmond could be on his way to a overall majority this time.


  7. I don't get the political point you think he is making - the son of the head of state of your next door neighbour is getting married and invites you to the wedding. In common with the people invited from the US, France, Germany etc you accept the invite and go to the wedding. And they all live happily ever after.

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