Jude Collins

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Slip sliding away

Look, anyone can make a mistake. We all do it. But some mistakes are a bit more revealing than others, like the man who had a limited knowledge of psychology. When a friend explained to him that a Freudian slip was when you mean to say one thing but say another, he was impressed. A few days later, full of amazement, he met his friend again. “D’you remember that thing you were telling me about a Freudian slip? Well, I just had one myself! The other morning I was having my breakfast and I meant to say to my wife “Pass the marmalade, please, dear” but instead I said “You fucking bitch, you’ve ruined my life!”

While Enda Kenny presumably has never said any such thing to his dear wife, he did manage to reveal something of himself in the Dail the other day. Brian Cowen had announced that the south’s general election would be in early March – March 11, to be exact. Within seconds Enda was on his feet, thanking the Taoiseach in that slightly prim manner only he can do. “I would like to thank the Taoiseach for finally informing this House that a general election will be held on March 10”. Oooooucccch. One wonders if this man is quite ready to lead the southern state from its economic tomb.

Marmalade, anyone?

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