Jude Collins

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Do you now or have you ever condemned...

CRAIGAVON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 12:  Police officers continue follow up searches at houses in Craigavon near to where gunmen shot Constable Stephen Carroll on March 12, 2009 in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. A large security presence is under way following the murders of two soldiers and a policeman by dissident republicans in the last week.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

I’m not sure you’ll want to read this blog today. You see, the truth is, I haven’t condemned what happened at Auschwitz during the Second World War. And I haven’t condemned the annihilation of hundreds of thousands at Hiroshima and Nagasaki either.  You probably didn’t know that but now that you’ve heard, I expect you’re clapping your brow with one hand and pointing a shaking finger at me with the other as you gasp the words “You beggar belief!” 

That’s the headline in the increasingly-tabloidy  Venerable Organ this morning: ‘You beggar belief’  under a photograph of Independent councillor Martin Connolly, who has refused to condemn a bomb attack on his niece...

Hold on. His niece? So the reprehensibility is linked to his having a blood-relative involved?  Good news – I had no relatives involved in Auschwitz or Hiroshima or Nagasaki, so it seems I’m off the degenerate hook for not condemning them. Actually, I didn’t condemn them because I didn’t feel it’d make a bit of difference. Auschwitz and Hiroshima and Nagasaki have happened and condemning them won’t make them un-happen. Nor will condemning them make any difference to the men who performed the deeds, or to others who continue that tradition of great statesmen and generals ordering the slaughter of innocent civilians.

That’s why I felt Martin Connolly’s refusal to condemn the attack on a policewoman made sense, really. Why go through a pointless public ritual that will change nothing?  But now that I know there was a blood relative involved, that makes all the difference. Shame on you, Mr Connolly. As the VO with its instinct for a fresh phrase puts it, you beggar belief. 


  1. Isnt the point that by refusing to condemn it, he 'appears' to be supporting it?

    If he is seen as a political supporter of the same pursuasion then he's seen to be advocating this course of action. Which IS reprehensible.

  2. In turn, the girl's family have proudly announced that Connolly is anyway merely an uncle by marriage.