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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What a FOOL I've been...

Good news – I’ve heard from my old chum Noel Doran again. Noel, as you probably know, is not just the editor of that venerable organ The Irish News, he’s also one of my blog’s most faithful readers. This time he contacted me to point out that I was wrong, so wrong to suggest in a recent blog that The Irish News had linked Raymond McCartney’s past as a hunger-striker with his present as deputy chair of the recently-formed Justice Committee. The link had been established by a Sinn Féin press release the whole time! Well strewth. If that hasn’t taken the wind out of MY sails. There was me suggesting that The Irish News might like to keep Sinn Féin tethered to their prison-linked past and it was Sinn Féin themselves were doing the tethering. In fact it’s probably the other way round. Sinn Féin do all they can to hamper themselves and The Irish News keeps doing its level best to show Sinn Féin in a positive, up-to-the-moment light. And while Noel didn’t say anything about giving a leg-up to arthritic SDLP electoral ducks, I’m sure that’s the furthest thing from his newspaper’s mind. The Irish News as a pro-SDLP anti-republican organ? I can see now what a ridiculous notion that is. Clever Noel. Silly-billy me.

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